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It's NOT Always Sleep Paralysis!


Nonhuman Intruder Project


Do paranormal prowlers visit your home at night while you sleep? Men, women, and children everywhere awaken to discover that we are not alone. Who are these mysterious beings? What do they want?


These are not hallucinations related to Aware Sleep Paralysis or ASP.


The four classic symptoms of Aware Sleep Paralysis easily negate ASP as the explanation for paranormal home invasions:


Waking Paralyzed -- The crucial, never changing, symptom of Aware Sleep Paralysis is waking up paralyzed. If you do not awaken paralyzed, then you are not experiencing ASP. Less than twenty-five percent of witnesses to genuine encounters mention an inability to move. In any case, encounters involving some (not initial) paralysis should not be dismissed.


Unseen Presence -- One of the more commonly reported symptoms associated with ASP is that of the "sensed" presence. Nothing at all is ever seen. This unseen or "just out of sight" presence is at odds with our reports of visible nonhuman intruders. Genuine encounters deal with eyewitness sightings.


Folklore Symptom -- During ASP, few muscles of breathing are active. Many people have a sense of suffocating, as if someone is standing or sitting on their torso. None of our witnesses to genuine paranormal home invasion reports this frightening signature folklore symptom of chest pressure.


Dream Overlap -- Auditory hallucinations are the most common. Many people are taunted by sinister voices. In a distinct minority of cases, dream overlap can result in wacky or scary illusions projected upon actual physical surroundings. These visions are vague, often described only as being blurry or shimmering. The occurrence climaxes rapidly and the "visual" hallucinations evaporate when the sufferer regains control of his or her body. ASP figments of the imagination and paranormal home invasions are two very different things.


Encounters with real humanoid intruders end when:

1.) The nonhuman exits through walls or vanishes.

2.) You will be compelled to sleep!


Where do we go from here? My first priority will always be the witness. You are not alone!


Valuable information is lost when genuine encounters are dismissed as ASP-induced hallucinations by eyewitnesses who are comforted by this advice, whether this counsel originates with the medical community or comes from a book or website on sleep paralysis. It is less upsetting to believe that it was all just a dream, rather than confront the fact that these entities can violate our homes with impunity.


These incidents merit immediate and serious study.


As a witness, only you can supply the information necessary for this research. Please contact me if you can help.

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This is the official page for the Nonhuman Intruder Project.

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