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At 70 years of age, I discovered the "Backrooms,” the Internet's favorite non-reality, and added yet another dimension to my fiction repertoire. These writings are a growing addition to the official lore of this trending, user-generated creepypasta. According to the urban legend, individuals no-clip, or teleport, without rhyme or reason, into these Backrooms. Severed from our reality, the victims are not completely alone. All manner of bizarre monsters, referred to as "Entities," keep the wanderers company. For my author page, go to


I released my novella, Stardust Zombies, for the Kindle Vella in 2021. 


"...Over five thousand tons of interplanetary dust reach the surface of our Earth every year. No problem. Until now. Stardust Zombies are not undead. Nanotechnology tunnels into their eyes before sending nanobots scurrying along the optic nerve into the brain. This parasitic technology exhibits no symptoms until men, women, and children become Berserkers. These were once people we loved. Now there is nowhere to hide..."

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