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"Running away is not investigating.

"It is running away."

Robert Goerman


Have you experienced an Active Paranormal Event? 

As an investigative scholar and analyst of unknown and unexplained phenomena, I have been fortunate enough to have my writings featured in national magazines and serve as source material for many books and popular television shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, The Unexplained, History's Mysteries, Animal X, MonsterQuest, and Dark Matters: Twisted But TrueFounded in June of 2012, my Nonhuman Research Agency explores encounters with mysterious strangers, beings, and creatures and studies interspecific relationships.


Nonhuman Research Agency
615 Earl Avenue
New Kensington, PA 15068-4801

724-335-0197 (Leave MESSAGE)



My Investigator Code of Conduct


An investigator will always regard responsibility to the facts and the evidence as paramount.


An investigator will conduct all investigations and allied matters with integrity; be honest in all professional interactions; and strive to report those engaging in fraud or deception to appropriate entities.


An investigator will respect the wishes of witnesses, colleagues, and professionals; and shall safeguard confidences and privacy.


An investigator will continue to study, apply and advance knowledge; to observe the precepts of accuracy and prudence; and to make relevant information available to colleagues and the public.


An investigator will always respect the law and legal authority.


(Disclaimer: Please ask before mailing us anything. We are not responsible for unsolicited material.)


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